• Work and Life Balance

    Check-In 01/29/2019

    Hello Everyone! Sorry my blog post has not gone live lately! I have been busy watching some adorable children and spending quality time with everyone in my family. I am hoping to get it live tomorrow morning! Today I went and worked out with my sister again. I actually worked out with her twice! Yay! I got to cuddle with my neice and nephew today and I had so much fun with both of them. We watched the Incredibles 2 (again) and watched some videos on YouTube. My youngest neice is so adorable! We were able to listen to and sing along to the ABC’s throughout the day. It was…

  • Work and Life Balance

    Check-in 01/28/2019

    Today was another eventful day with the family. I actually woke up bright and early to go to the gym with my sister! We did spin class and it went great! I need to set my bike up better the next time, but we did show up just a minute before class started 😅 After that I took care of the kiddos and attempted to get some work done. Sorry, I still have not finished my blog post but I am slowly working on things. Tomorrow will be the day I can sit down and focus! I also plan on editing my video for Wednesday 😊 Well, I am tired…

  • Work and Life Balance

    Check-in 01/27/2019

    I am coming at you guys tonight tired and tipsy 😅 I had such a wonderful evening! I got to get my makeup done by the kiddos and then I got to come home and spend some awesome time with my parents! Wine makes me talk a lot and I had a whole bottle so I talked a lot about my life in Spokane. My poor mom listened to all of it 😂 whoops! Landon had to drive on very icy roads and I got to watch a simple favor with my parents. For me it was a great day. For Landon it was very stressful. I feel bad about…

  • Work and Life Balance

    Check-In 01/26/2019

    Hello Everyone! I am so so sorry I have not written any check-ins the past three days!! We packed, traveled, and babysat my adorable nieces and nephews! It has been a very long three days and today was the first day I was able to catch a break! I am so sorry! No excuses! This was something I wanted to do for myself and I ruined it within the first month. I promise to get better! I will be writing a blog post tomorrow to catch you guys all up on traveling and life here in Williston! Chow for now!

  • Work and Life Balance

    Check-In 01/21/2019

    Happy Monday everyone! Today started off pretty rough. I honestly woke up feeling like crap. I still went to go work out, but I was not able to do spin class. My stomach hurt so so bad and I didn’t want to embarrass myself and get sick in front of everyone. I ended up just walking on the treadmill while Landon ran for a bit and did some weights. I was so embarrassed… we saw the instructor and a gal we knew from class before class and I didn’t say anything about how I was feeling. Ugh!! Why is it so hard to express myself sometimes! The whole morning, I…

  • Fashion and Beauty

    FabFitFun Winter Edit Sale

    Congrats to my first post outside of my check-ins!!! Hooray!! Today, I wanted to talk to you guys about the products I purchased in the FabFitFun Winter Edit Sale. The spring box is creeping upon us! I will be able to customize my box at the beginning of February! That is why I wanted to get this information posted for you all to read! Honestly, I just renewed my subscription with FabFitFun and I am so happy that I did! I received a lot of awesome products within my winter box. I made a YouTube video about the products I received in the winter box and you can watch that…

  • Work and Life Balance

    Check-In 01/20/2019

    Happy Sunday! I hope you all took the time to relax and reflect like I did today. I laid in bed till noon, took a relaxing shower, and cuddled with two adorable dogs! Plus, we went to the movies today for a mid day date! I don’t know how you all feel, but for Landon and I movies are way to expensive. We ended up seeing Glass in theaters because we are such avid fans for that series!! OMG!!! It was so flipping fantastic!!! It had it’s twists and I think it led us onto a whole new start to this series! So good! Again, I forgot my Fitbit… But…

  • Work and Life Balance

    Check-In 01/19/2019

    Hello Everyone! Today is my first check in from the phone instead of the computer! I love apps 😅 I have to say today was the perfect Saturday!! We got to see a lot of our friends, we enjoyed some beer, and we won second place at trivia!! Even though we were running all around today, it was so much fun spending time with the people we love ❤️ No workouts happened today and sadly I forgot to wear my Fitbit all day 😱 darn I would have had some great steps! But my goal is to work out every week day and take a break on the weekend! Man…

  • Work and Life Balance

    Check-In 01/18/2019

    We made it to Friday!!! Our first full week of workout has been completed and what a day! First off I would like to brag and say we did not take a nap today. Second, I would like to say that I got a lot of stuff done today! I went ahead and spent ample time on Instagram, I filmed two videos, and I got to spend some awesome time with my brother and Landon. Landon and I went out tonight for sort of a date night. He let a lot of stuff off his chest and we just had an overall great conversation. I am so thankful for tonight,…

  • Work and Life Balance

    Check-In 01/17/2019

    Hello! I am so so sorry for such a short post yesterday. Landon and I stayed up way way way to late and I couldn’t not muster up the strength to write. Last night, Landon and I began choosing songs for our wedding. Did you guys know it is only 100 days away!! Holy Crap!!! Where has the time gone??? Luckily we have all of the planning mainly finished….. except the music. Music means so much to me, so it is hard for me to narrow it down. We found some really good songs to play at the reception. Did you know one of the songs people play at weddings…